March 1, 2021

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Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And Updates

Nihal Sarin wins Gazprom Brilliancy Prize

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Sac, sac, attack

Nihal Sarin, born on July 13, 2004 is considered one of the world’s greatest talents. He became a grandmaster at age 14, and at the same age jumped the mark of 2600 Elo-points. Only two players had ever achieved this at the age of 14: John Burke from the USA and Wei Yi from China.

However, Burke’s achievement was partly due to the peculiarities of the Elo-system. In July 2015 the American had a rating of 2258, but after a series of very good results and thanks to a K-factor of 40 he had jumped to a rating of 2603 in August 2015. At the moment Burke has a rating of 2522 and is almost 100 points behind Nihal Sarin, who currently comes to 2620 rating points.

In December 2020, the young Indian celebrated another success. He won the U18 group in the FIDE Online Cadets and Youth World Championships. His game against Francesco Sonis was particularly spectacular and brought Nihal Sarin the Gazprom Brilliancy Prize.

Nine well-known YouTube chess streamers had been asked for their vote, and five of them were particularly impressed by Nihal’s stunning sacrificial attack.

Replay the game:


On his YouTube channel, Daniel King, one of the judges, took a closer look at this brilliancy.


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