March 4, 2021

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Tractor rallies and laws of traction

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More than 50 days gone, eight almost full working days’ duration of sittings. Government ministers, attorneys with all information required, beyond what was specifically asked by the Apex Court, as a part of its necessary responsibility.

Full sympathy for the farmers’ issue. No doubt about the suffering they bear knocking at the Capital’s periphery, and yet not a solution in sight!

Committee appointed by the pillar of The Constitution, the Apex Court was not found agreeable by the Farmer’s Union. Agreed. The rejection accepted in respect of the first principle of freedom of speech, and a sincerity towards solving the farmer’s demands.

Numerous tractor convoys, and yet one more to come on Republic Day, though with firm assurances that the normal government protocols shall not be disturbed.

The obvious missing goal is a lack of understanding.

In today’s fast moving global economic systems, discussion outcomes depend on the intensity with which the parties take  a commitment to come out with a solution. That should be at the heart of each discussion.

The new paradigms that no discussion is considered valid with a 100% agreement on one side, and a 0% loss on the other have to be realized. The above reflects tha no discussion ever took place!

The usual outcome is a give and take negotiation. Who gives more, and who gets less is not the contention. That an agreement is reached, even with riders, for further parleys is good news. The agreement is the end point. The protests, tractor rallies probably go with a farmers’ rally.

One has to win the match, not necessarily by ten wickets!

The government after having passed a law, is constitutionally bound by as many avenues it can tamper with.

The noble farmers are unhappy with it. Accepted. But the eye should be on the solution, because it is from there that the gains and grains flow!

The Apex Court is sympathetically inclined towards the farmers. A dialogue under its supervision, can look into the minutest of mis-understandings, statements of “loss of confidence” in the system, emotional distancing, but the tools to work with are “reason and the guidelines of an elaborate and most respected Constitution, if one was to scan the proceedings in another country.

No one minds farmers criticizing the system. This great constitution grants them this right.

No harm taking advice from the best and their trusted advisors.

This is a reform within the country. It is quite common to have a dis-agreeing lobby in any new reform. But the country and its people take it in its stride. That such an un-ending stalemate is in the making is un-precedented in Indian history.

A tractor tugs most forcefully in its ignition, and start. Later it rolls on its own momentum, its engine sounds at times drowned by din of surrounding machinery. There is a time frame to get maximum and immediate gains from traction of any agitation. The more the delay, the earlier the laws of diminishing returns come into play. 

All the sacrifice and hard work of those who started is wasted, and initial ideologies, begin to meander, for everyone in the group shall put his best as suggestions for the road map. That may not take away the coherence, but it might well do so!

The traction force of any agitation is limited by time.

This is not the “Quit India Movement”!—our own country our own committed farmers!

A different line of approach towards an agreement should be in place.

The time is now, and proverbially just a “couple of days” from now!

“Aur bhi dukh han zamaane mein mohabbat key siva,

Rahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki rahat key siva,

Mujh se pehli si mohabbat  mere Mehboob na maang”    


(There are pains beyond that of love,

  So are there other reliefs beyond that of meeting,

   My beloved don’t expect the same love from me as before)



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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