March 1, 2021

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Aadhar Card update: Here’s how to change important details online

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Aadhar card has now become one of the most important documents required to use various facilities. It is an identification marker for the citizens of India that can be useful in availing benefits from social schemes and other such purposes.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which issues Aadhar cards to the citizens, has come out with certain updates in the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new UIDAI updates would allow the Aadhar cardholders to make changes and rectify mistakes in their Aadhar cards online from their homes. It would not require a visit to the card-issuing centre or an Aadhar Kendra.

It is to be noted that the updates allowing for making these changes online are limited to certain facilities and factors. For other changes, the cardholders will still have to visit an Aadhar centre for the required changes.

Make changes in Aadhar cards online

The Aadhar cardholders can make some basic changes in their Aadhar card details online, as per the directions of the UIDAI. The changes in Aadhar card that can be made online are name, gender, date of birth, language, and address.

While some of these basic changes in details of the Aadhar card can be made online, the cardholders need to visit an Aaadhar Seva Kendra or an Enrolment/Update centre for other changes like biometric updates and guardian or head of family details.

What is required to make the changes in details of Aadhar card online is a registered mobile number. It is on the registered mobile number that a person would get a one-time password (OTP) for Aadhar authentication. The authentication is necessary to make a request for the online update of the Aadhar cards.

The cardholders can verify their mobile number and email id declared by them during the enrolment or the latest successful update request, depending on whichever took place later.

The email id and the mobile number can be verified on the UIDAI website. The users can fill in the details such as Aadhar number, declared email address or the mobile number, and security code.

They will receive an OTP that can be filled on the page. If it matches, the email id or the mobile number will be verified. A message or email will be sent in confirmation of the same.

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