February 28, 2021

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Viral Video: Jasmin Bhasin’s fashion faux pas moment, forgets to remove price tag from outfit

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Television star Jasmin Bhasin, who was eliminated from the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’, hosted by Salman Khan, weeks ago, was on Friday snapped by the paparazzi out and about in Mumbai city.

In a recent video that is now going viral on social media, Jasmin Bhasin, who is seen dressed in a chic outfit, can be seen in a hurry as the paps tailed her. However, that is not why the video has been going viral. It’s actually because Jasmin forgot to remove the price tag off her dress and it was clearly visible hanging from the back of the outfit she was seen donning. Well, truly a faux pas moment for the actress since fashion connoisseurs would surely consider this as one of the biggest sartorial sins one could commit.

While Jasmin looked gorgeous in the ruffled purple dress that she styled with an olive green textured top, matching purple boots and had her hair styled in curls, it was the price tags hanging from the back of her outfit that caught everyone’s attention as she turned around to leave after a short chat with the paps and posing for quick photos. 

Take a look at the video here:

In the video, Jasmin is seen answering a question asked by one of the photographers about who does she think should win Bigg Boss 14. 

She is heard replying, “All are very good and have worked very hard, but I would want Aly (Goni) to win.”

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni confirmed they are in a relationship on the show. 

In a recent interview with SpotboyE, when asked if ALy had spoiled her game in the house, Jasmin cleared the air around it once and for all and said, “Aly never spoiled my game. First of all, I never took the show as a game show, I took it as a challenge that I will have to deal with so many people who are totally different from me. And I have said this many times that I was not playing a game, I was just being myself and doing what I feel like doing.”

“There was no way Aly could have spoiled it because I had no game play at all. And I can say the same for Rahul,” she added.

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