February 25, 2021

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Twitter rolls out voice messages in DMs, here’s how to send them

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Popular social media platform Twitter came out with a new feature recently. Twitter announced earlier this week that it was starting to test the feature of voice messages in direct messaging or DMs. The feature of voice messages is being tested in three countries including India. The other two countries are Brazil and Japan.

In simple words, this new feature is about sending voice notes or messages in DMs on Twitter. It is to be noted though that the new feature of voice messages is still in the testing stage and therefore, it is not available to all the users of the platform yet. It is a part of Twitter’s recent updates that are mostly focused on the feed and interactions between its users.

Twitter is going to roll out voice messages to users in India in different phases. The new feature will allow the users of Twitter to send audio messages that can be up to 140 seconds long in DMs to their friends and other people in their network. These voice messages can only be sent through the Android or iOS apps of Twitter but they are accessible on any device.

For those interested in the new feature, here’s how you can send voice messages in DMs on Twitter:

-The users should first open the Twitter app on their iOS or Android smartphone

-On the app, the users can select the envelope icon in order to open their DMs

-In a particular DM, the users can select the icon right next to the text bar that would allow them to record voice messages

-After recording the voice message on Twitter, the users can simply press the send button

Twitter also allows the users to play and listen to the audio message before sending it across in the DM

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