February 26, 2021

Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And Updates

Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And Updates

Today: FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship Finals

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The FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship is ready for its final day. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and final are to be played on Sunday with GMs Ian Nepomniachtchi and GM Anton Korobov still in the competition to help their team to clinch the first-ever corporate championship.

How to watch?
The games of the FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship can be found on our live events platform. Commentary on the finals will be available on Chess.com/tv starting from 7 a.m. Pacific / 16:00 CET.

Round 4-6 were played on Saturday. The qualifying teams are SBER, Grenke Bank, Morgan Stanley Hungary, Sberbank Trade Union, ERG, Emphie Solutions, Anahuac, and PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok.

Only in two pools, the top seed failed to qualify for the knockout phase. In Pool East E, the French team BCG Gamma, with former women’s world champion Mariya Muzychuk on top board, came seventh. Instead, the Kazakh company ERG, headed by GM Anuar Ismagambetov, won the group.

Their individual clash took place in round four and both players could have won their game, which eventually ended in a draw. Luckily for Muzuchuk, this wasn’t decisive for the team result as ERG won their games on the other three boards.

In Pool West A, top seed Microsoft Redmond, with GM Francesco Rambaldi on board one, came second behind the Mexican team Anahuac, playing without a grandmaster but having five titled players available nonetheless. Anahuac only lost two games out of 24.

GM Magnus Carlsen‘s Kindred was the 12th seed in Pool East D and also tied for 12th place. The world champion finished with 3/3 and scored 5.5/6 in total (for his draw with Korobov see yesterday’s report). Jasper Tambini (2040) scored a fine 5/6 on board two, but two lower-rated players on boards three and four could only set a combined score of 3/12.

Below are the final standings (top 6) for all groups. Full results and standings are available at Chess-results.

Pool East A

4-55Tigar Tyres32116,08

Pool East B

11Grenke Bank60018,012
2-39Samsung Electronics41116,09
63Erste Group31215,57

Pool East C

11Morgan Stanley Hungary60019,512
4-62Rosseti Volga41115,59

Pool East D

11Sberbank Trade Union60019,512
2-32Paypal Bulgaria41117,09
2-35Slav Group41117,09
43Dassault Systemes41116,59
66Home Credit International Moravia50115,010

Pool East E

47Tata Consultancy Services Chennai41116,09
56Credit Suisse32116,08

Pool East F

11Emphie Solutions51019,011
25State Bank of Mongolia51018,511
33RFSO Lokomotiv40216,08
412Tata Consultancy Services Bangalore42015,510
611Epam Ukraine41115,09

Pool West A

21Microsoft Redmond41118,09
33Goldman Sachs50114,510
48Deloitte Chicago32114,58
615Amazon US-East31213,57

Pool West B

11PT Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok60020,512
24Deloitte New York40217,58
32American Express41116,09
48Airbnb California32115,08
63Sun Distribution32114,58

The pairings for the quarterfinals are as follows. The games begin at 7 a.m. Pacific / 16:00 CET.


There was no entry fee of any kind for this competition. However, FIDE has organized a fundraiser in cooperation with the platform Softgiving, and participating companies are encouraged to donate to one of three social projects currently developed by FIDE: Chess in Education programs for underprivileged children, Chess for People with Disabilities, and FIDE Veterans Support Program. If you also want to contribute, you can through this link:


, Today: FIDE Online World Corporate Chess Championship Finals, Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And UpdatesAll donations received through this link count towards the leaderboard offered by Softgiving. The most generous donors will appear on top of the leaderboard (donation amounts won’t be revealed).

At the end of the event, the team that has donated the most funds for those charity causes will be invited to the FIDE World Championship Match 2021, taking place at Dubai World Expo in late 2021, with accommodation expenses covered for three nights and VIP tickets to attend three rounds of the match.

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