The best classic cars for sale in the UK that are under £2,000 in 2021

The best classic cars for sale in the UK that are under £2,000 in 2021
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, The best classic cars for sale in the UK that are under £2,000 in 2021,

OK, we’ll admit it – we’re pushing the definition of the word ‘classic’ with the Mk2 MX-5. Then again, the earliest examples are now 23 years old, so they aren’t far off classic status – and with prices of good Mk1s now out of reach, the Mk2 is the MX-5 of choice for those shopping on a budget.

But surely insurance will be impossible for a young driver? Well, you’d think so, but if you stick to the less potent 1.6-litre model, premiums can be surprisingly affordable – indeed, believe it or not, this is the least expensive car of our five picks to insure. 

Choosing an MX-5 with a smaller engine is a safer bet if you’re a younger driver anyway; this is the ideal car in which to learn how a rear-wheel-drive car handles. And even with that lower power output, you still get the sweet, responsive driving experience the MX-5 is famous for. And of course, when the sun’s out, you get to drop the top and soak up those rays.

What to pay: £1,200 for a rough example, £2,000 for a good one

Cost to insure: £799.31* (Mazda MX-5 1.6 Convertible)

Why buy: The 1.6-litre MX-5 is that vanishingly rare thing: a two-seat convertible that’s insurable even for a younger driver. It might not be fast, but it’s still great fun.

* Insurance quotes were obtained from a popular comparison website, and are based on a 20-year-old single male with no children, living at home with parents in Banbury, who has held a full licence for two years and has a year’s no-claims bonus and no claims or licence endorsements. The car was declared to be parked on the road, and all insurance quotes are for fully comprehensive insurance with a £250 voluntary excess.


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