Suvendu Adhikari Tries to Bring Development Projects to Nandigram as Workers’ Exodus to TMC Haunts BJP

Suvendu Adhikari Tries to Bring Development Projects to Nandigram as Workers’ Exodus to TMC Haunts BJP
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A bridge between Haldia and Nadigram on river Haldi has been a long-standing demand of the people of Nandigram. The vote on account budget that was placed by the Mamata government this year in February mentioned construction of such bridge in East Medinipur.

In the run-up to the elections, both BJP and TMC spoke about construction of this bridge. Suvendu Adhikari, the new MLA, has knocked the door of central Government for this bridge in East Medinipur and just last week, he went to Delhi to meet Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and pitched for the bridge and also for early completion of NH-34 work.

This is one example how Adhikari, who defeated CM Mamata Banerjee here in the elections, is trying to get things moving in Nandigram even as there is a TMC government in the state.

His close aides say “he is working hard to get things done from Central Government and from his side he will do 100 percent development in Nandigram.”

Pralay Pal, Vice President of East Medinipur BJP said to News18: “After he became the MLA, he is working hard and already we have started work in schools of Nandigram. In Birulia and in Amdabad, for two schools, Rs 7 lakh has been given.” Development work in Nandigram remains in focus give the big promises which were made. As per BJP sources, till now this can’t be said that state has stopped any work in Nandigram, “but there are apprehensions.”

Such apprehensions are what seem to be also leading to a wind of political change in Nandigram – in fact this apprehension of development quotient is directly proportional to political activity in Nandigram. TMC claims more than 300 people are joining TMC from BJP every 10 days since the election results, citing that it is an exodus from BJP.

Local leader of TMC, Gautam Kumar Pal, speaking to News18 said: “People are in line to join TMC, everyday applications are coming in. Suddenly whole lot of people want to come to us and party is selecting and making such people join. Some of are trying to show off that they are more TMC than us.”

In response to this, Pralay Pal says some people who came to BJP for power and who thought State Government will change, they are now going back to TMC. “They (TMC) are also putting money power. Government project benefits are shown to them. People who are going back are ‘not proper BJP’, so we are not worried,” he says.

BJP also claims it is out of fear that people are changing sides but TMC says it is development done in the state which is attracting people to it in Nandigram. Political temperature remains high here, even months after the epic political battle here.

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