March 4, 2021

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Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And Updates

PogChamps 3: Ludwig Wins Bet, MrBeast Donates $10,000

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The third day of PogChamps 3 was full of exciting and decisive matches with all winners going 2-0. MoistCr1tikal set the tone for the day with a two quick victories over CodeMiko. Ludwig broke through MrBeast’s strong play to win their $10,000 bet, and Sardoche busted Myth with the Grob attack.

During PogChamps 3, will match up to $100,000 in donations to the participants’ preferred non-profit organizations. Please read this article to see how PogChamps is supporting charities, and how you can help yourself!

Moist Crits Miko 

Moistcr1tikal 2-0’d Codemiko in the first match of the day. In game one CodeMiko played confidently with a strong Italian opening, but shortly later it all fell apart when she gave away her bishop with a possible pre-move error. Only a few moves later and Moist secured the win with a queen and knight checkmate. Though disappointed, Miko consoled herself that it was “more than six moves.” 

Miko stayed positive in between games, but despite her positive attitude their second game went much the same. Cr1tikal used an aggressive line of the Vienna opening and quickly trapped Miko’s bishop. Miko put up a strong resistance for some time, but in the end Moist’s kingside attack was too strong and checkmate quickly followed.

Both players were extremely pleasant in the post-match interview and Cr1tikal had some choice words for Ludwig:

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Ludwig Tames the Beast, Wins 10k Bet

In a pre-match agreement, MrBeast and Ludwig bet $10,000 on their match—putting even more on the line for their games. 

In game one, Beast answered Ludwig’s predicted 1.e4 with a Scandinavian Defense. Precise moves got MrBeast a great position out of the opening, keeping the pressure high as both players used a lot of time early in the game. But eventually the tension broke when Beast went “full Botez” while under time pressure. Ludwig then picked off Jimmy’s pieces one by one, forcing the resignation. 

In the second game, Beast opened with the queen’s gambit which Ludwig declined. Beast once again played a stellar opening, keeping himself in a good position to win until Ludwig found a killer tactic to capture Beast’s rook. From then on, it was a mirror of the first game with Ludwig snapping up Beast’s pieces with pre-moves and eventually delivering a nice checkmate in the center of the board. 

Ludwig declined to accept the $10,000 for the win, instead asking MrBeast to donate the money. The two internet superstars are determined to play a rematch—who knows what the stakes will be!

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Sardoche Busts Myth With The Grob 

The French streaming star was able to defeat Myth 2-0. In game one, Sardoche played a Najdorf Sicilian and Myth responded with the Maroczy bind set-up—extremely advanced play for PogChamps players! The position remained balanced deep into the middle game. Myth got a powerful position but couldn’t take full advantage of it, and blundered a rook. Myth fought hard to get some chances back, but Sardoche was too solid and converted easily.

In their next bout, Sardoche tried the Grob Attack and confused Myth with the unusual opening, causing a queen blunder early. Myth kept his cool and played on, but could not recover from the major material loss. 

Despite Myth’s calls for help to the community, Sardoche ended the match at 2-0

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