May 19, 2021

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Indian & World Live Breaking News Coverage And Updates

Ornamental fish die due to Customs' delay (Video)

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A large number of ornamental fish brought down to be re-exportation purposes, have died after Customs inspections were delayed, reports say.

The fish were imported on March 26.

Many of the dead animals are said to be parent fish.

The stock had been imported after securing the permission of the Fisheries ministry on March 24 and the permission of the Controller of Customs Imports and Exports on March 26.

The delay had occurred after these permits were directed to the Customs DG.

Media reports had also cited the Customs lacking proper facilities to safeguard the lives of these fish as one reason for the deaths.

Double Standards

Despite this delay, the Customs DG had released a stock of coconut oil earlier this month, which was later found to contain the carcinogen – Aflatoxin. The stock had been released even before securing the certification of the Food Security Unit of the Ministry of Health.

The Food Security Unit certification is deemed mandatory when importing or exporting food items.

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