Meet The 97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Who Beat Covid-19

Meet The 97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Who Beat Covid-19
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Meet The 97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Who Beat Covid-19

Lily Ebert recovered from Covid at the age of 97.

The inspiring story of an Auschwitz survivor who made a “miraculous recovery” from Covid-19 at the age of 97 is currently going viral on social media. Lily Ebert has been hailed a hero for delivering a message of hope and tolerance after recovering from the virus. She appeared on the show Good Morning Britain on Monday after falling “really ill” with Covid-19 a month ago, reports Jewish News.

Ms Ebert, who survived the Holocaust in the 1940s, was joined on the show by her great-grandson Dov Forman. 

It was Mr Forman who last week shared a photograph of his great-grandmother on Twitter, where it went massively viral. The photograph shows the 97-year-old smiling for the camera while out on her first walk after recovering from Covid-19. 

“My 97-Year-old Great Grandma, Lily Ebert BEM – Auschwitz Survivor, has just recovered from Covid- 19,” he wrote while sharing the pic. “Today she went on her first walk in a month after making a miraculous recovery. A fighter and survivor.”

The picture racked up over 17,000 ‘retweets’ and more than 2.6 lakh ‘likes’ on the microblogging platform, reaching millions of people and resulting in the duo being invited to Good Morning Britain – where Ms Ebert’s words led to her being hailed a hero and a “remarkable” woman. 

According to NBC News, Ms Ebert was a teenager when she arrived at Auschwitz in 1944. She spent four months in the camp, where she lost her mother, brother and sister.

, Meet The 97-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Who Beat Covid-19,

“More or less, 100 other people from the family, aunties, uncles, nephews, everybody. They killed,” she said. In 1945, she was evacuated from Germany and taken to Switzerland. 

In spite of everything she went through, Ms Ebert urges people to choose to be positive in the face of adversity.

“You could choose life or darkness and I choose life. I have to carry on – I have to carry on to fight because that is what I promised myself,” Lily Ebert told viewers on Good Morning Britain, according to The Mirror

Her poignant words struck a chord with thousands of viewers who took to Twitter to applaud her courage and congratulate her on her recovery.

Speaking about the pandemic, Ms Ebert said: “When Covid will end, we don’t know – but we know only what we can do. We should never give up, and try to do what we can try to survive, and be very careful with other people that nobody should get it.”

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