Maria Goretti Is Reliving Her MTV Days With Mini Mathur. See Her Post

Maria Goretti Is Reliving Her MTV Days With Mini Mathur. See Her Post
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Maria Goretti Is Reliving Her MTV Days With Mini Mathur. See Her Post

Mini and Maria in a still from the video. (courtesy mariagorettiz)


  • The two met when they were MTV VJs
  • They have been friends for over 22 years
  • “She and I found each other at our own pace,” wrote Maria

New Delhi:

On a fine Wednesday afternoon, Maria Goretti decided to sprinkle some midweek nostalgia on our Instagram feeds. The former model checked into social media to revisit the MTV days with her BFF Mini Mathur. Maria shared a montage of images tracing their 22-year-old relationship. Sharing her first memories of Mini Mathur, Maria Goretti, in her long note, said, “This girl Mini, who I met at MTV was the brightest star on that stage…Giving even Simi Grewal a naughty chase…What then transpired could not have been wired…She and I found each other at our own pace.” 

Maria Goretti then talked about how the two always had each other’s back. From shopping to travelling, the besties did everything together. “Like two peas in a pod, we dived into everything… Work, travelling, shopping and yes we would buy a lot of things…Running through aisles screaming with delight…Everything in twos…”

Narrating their post-shopping tale, Maria Goretti added, “Oh and then packing was a separate issue…We were drowning in boxes of various shapes and size…We were always racing to airports, overweight…Dying of fright, sure we were going to miss our flight…”

Calling Mini Mathur her safety net, Maria Goretti added, “Mini is my safety net. My knight,who would scare away the ghosts off my bed, on beaches, roads, in studios and more…Not a dull minute, we have had so far…”

Maria Goretti ended her note by summing up their journey so far. “It is been a long long time Mins…22 years till today if my memory serves me right…And, like any really solid relationship…We have had our stormy days too…We have fought, cried, not talked and clawed our way back to each other. With Jaya as sometimes our therapist and sometimes our Kung-fu guide.”

The heartwarming note by Maria Goretti is here:

It doesn’t end here. Maria Goretti moves to the comment space to tell us why it is difficult to not love Mini Mathur. “Just want to say Mins, it’s difficult not to love you. Even though sometimes I want to slap you tight… You are always my voice of reason. The arms that hold me tight…The one who straightens my fall…Picks me up when I’m drunk…Wipes make-up off my face…And tucks me into bed…” We all need a friend like this in our lives. Don’t we?

This post comes a few days after Mini Mathur and  Maria Goretti shared the camera frame together after almost 19 years. A bunch of happy pictures from their shoot diaries were shared by Mini Mathur on Instagram. 

“What a satisfying day on the shoot. Maria and I faced the camera together after almost 19 years…Our last stint together was as MTV Veejays. When you do what you love, with people you enjoy working with. You are living your best life,” she wrote.

Mini Mathur and Maria Goretti are the OG MTV VJs. They have hosted a number of shows in the 90s. Currently, Mini Mathur stays in Mumbai with her husband, director Kabir Khan and their children – Vivaan and Sairah.

Maria Goretti, on the other hand, is married to actor Arshad Warsi. The couple is parents to a son and a daughter. 

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