March 5, 2021

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Identical twin pranksters set to face off for the first time in the AFLW

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What happens when you combine sibling rivalry, two well-versed pranksters and a professional Australian Rules match?

Well, we’re about to find out.

“I just said I’d put out a pair of undies and pants in case she was crapping dacks for playing against Carlton,” Jess Hosking said, adding she’d told her identical twin they would be facing off on opposing teams for the very first time via a text message.

“The week started not knowing we were playing each other, and I actually sent [her] a text in the middle of her game,” Jess explained.

Both Jess (left) and Sarah Hosking have made their name with a hard-tackling style in AFLW.(AAP: Scott Barbour)

Over the past few seasons the Hosking twins have talked strategy and pulled off incredible bumps and tackles for the Blues.

They shared a house, genetic formation and game plans. Sarah Hosking even played in the inaugural AFLW match for Carlton against Collingwood in 2017.


But things had been a little different since she switched allegiances to the Tigers during last year’s trade period.

“I love the rivalry between the two clubs, [and] this year I’ve absolutely picked it up from the Richmond end,” she said, grinning widely.

“I’m excited to have a battle against Jess, but also against the old team.”

And when it comes to this pair, the battles continue off the field.

The Hosking twins have not stopped pranking each other since this weekend’s draw came out. And there’s only one rule.


“It cannot affect performance,” Sarah outlined, looking at her sister.

Turns out she froze Jess’ accreditation — needed to physically gain entry to any playing ground — and mouthguard in a plastic container before training last night.

“She ended up with a giant ice block when she found it. So, it was probably a good thing it was a warm day yesterday and she waited ’til it melted,” she said.

Jess didn’t take long to retaliate.

“I took both [her] kits, put them in a bag with a 7.5kg kettle bell and sunk it to the pool, so she had to get in and get it before training.”


And the twins weren’t done there.

“I’ve got one up my sleeve at the moment. It might have involved a bit of Deep Heat on the toilet paper,” laughs Sarah. “So, stay tuned for that.”

If their actions sound crazy, keep in mind the sisters have been living together in lockdown in Melbourne over the past four days. Their proximity and family allegiance means little this round, though.

And she may have been right to remain tight-lipped. There could be more on the line than just bragging rights for the winner.

“I’m not shaving my head. I’m not cutting it any stupid length. That is one place I will not go!”

Carlton and Richmond play at Princes Park in Melbourne on Saturday.

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