Delhi University Invites Research Proposal from Faculty Members, Grants upto Rs 3 Lakh

Delhi University Invites Research Proposal from Faculty Members, Grants upto Rs 3 Lakh
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University of Delhi (DU) has invited applications for a one-year faculty research proposal (FRP) from the faculty members of DU individually or in collaboration with other researchers from within or outside the University including Colleges of the varsity. The proposal is to be submitted online at by September 30.

“In continuation of the commitment to support and expand its research profile, the University under the Institution of Eminence (IoE) scheme invites short-term research proposals (one-year duration) from the faculty members of the University Departments for the year 2021-22,” DU said in an official notice.

The decision of the reviewers and the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) will be final.

The proposed study should address an inquiry with a clear hypothesis and specific objective and expected outcome, which is to be achieved within one year. The experimental work must be designed in such a way that the software, equipment, machinery is already available in the laboratory of the PI, and/or Co-PI.

Further, the faculty member must be a permanent employee at DU at the time of submitting the project proposal and must have at least 12 months of service left before the date of superannuation. However, the ad-hoc faculty in the departments and colleges can join the research as co-investigators.

The Final Technical Report (FTR) must include significant findings of the research work, a copy of the manuscript, published paper, and acceptance letter. A single PDF of the FTR is to be uploaded online while applying afresh for FRP 2021 Grant.

The maximum financial assistance for sciences, interdisciplinary and applied sciences is Rs 3 lakh, for social sciences, interdisciplinary and applied social sciences, mathematical sciences, management is Rs 1.75 lakh, while for humanities, law, and others, it is 1.5 lakh.

Faculty members who received FRP 2020 in an individual capacity will receive preference during FRP 2021 provided they have research publications in the past three years. The minimum research publication for science is five year, for social sciences, it is three, and for humanities, it is two.

Re-appropriation of the budget will not be entertained after the project has been sanctioned but the competent authority will allow re-appropriation to a maximum of 10 per cent, subject to the member provide a proper justification for the same within 60 days of receipt of sanction letter.

If the project involves fieldwork, details of the same must be provided and it should be within the budget allocation.

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