DATA STORY: India sees lowest spike in daily deaths since April 18

DATA STORY: India sees lowest spike in daily deaths since April 18
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India on Friday reported a net reduction of 28,084 in active cases to take its count to 798,656. India’s share of global active cases now stands at 6.86 per cent (one in 14). The country is second among the most affected countries by active cases. On Thursday, it added 62,480 cases to take its total caseload to 29,762,793. And, with 1,587 new fatalities, its Covid-19 reached 383,490, or 1.29 per cent of total confirmed infections.

With 3,259,003 more Covid-19 vaccine doses being administered on Thursday, India’s total count of vaccine shots so far reached 268,960,399. The count of recovered cases across India, meanwhile, reached 28,580,647 – or 96.03 per cent of total caseload – with 88,977 new cured cases being reported on Friday.

With a daily increase of 62,480 in total cases, India’s tally of coronavirus cases has risen from 29,700,313, on Wednesday to 29,762,793– an increase of 0.2%. has reached 383,490, with 1,587 fatalities, an all-time high in daily spike.

Now the second-most-affected country by active cases, total cases and recovery, and third by death, India has added 487,970 cases in the past 7 days.

India now accounts for 6.86% of all active cases globally (one in every 14 active cases), and 9.86% of all deaths (one in every 10 deaths).

India has so far administered 268,960,399 vaccine doses. That is 903.38 per cent of its total caseload, and 19.3 per cent of its population.

Among Indian states, the top 5 in terms of number of vaccine shots administered are Maharashtra (31618559), Uttar Pradesh (29468714), Gujarat (25252281), Rajasthan (25038564), and West Bengal (22527823).

Among states with more than 10 million population, the top 5 in number of vaccine shots per one million population are Kerala (405284), Gujarat (395355), Delhi (394579), Uttarakhand (359383), and J&K (331588).

Backwards from here, the last 1 million cases for India have come in 13 days.

The count of active cases across India on Friday saw a net reduction of 28,084, compared with 38,692 on Thursday. States and UTs hat have seen the biggest daily net increase in active cases are Maharashtra (3304), West Bengal (921), Meghalaya (145), Mizoram (85), and Manipur (24).

With 88,977 new daily recoveries, India’s recovery rate stands at 96.03%, while fatality rate remained unchanged at 1.29%.

The Indian states and UTs with the worst case fatality rates at present are Punjab (2.66%), Uttarakhand (2.07%), and Maharashtra (1.95%). The rate in as many as 17 is higher than the national average.

India’s new daily closed cases stand at 90,564 — 1,587 deaths and 88,977 recoveries. The share of deaths in total closed cases stands at 1.72%.

India’s 5-day moving average of daily rate of addition to total cases stands at 0.2%.

India’s doubling time for total cases stands at 329.8 days, and for deaths at 167.1 days.

Overall, five states with the biggest 24-hour jump in total cases are Kerala (12469), Maharashtra (9830), Tamil Nadu (9118), Andhra Pradesh (6151), and Karnataka (5983).

Among states with more than 100,000 cases, the five with worst recovery rates at present are Karnataka (93.54%), Tamil Nadu (94.53%), Maharashtra (95.64%), and Kerala (95.65%).

India on Thursday conducted 1,929,476 coronavirus tests to take the total count of tests conducted so far in the country to 387,167,696. The test positivity rate recorded was 3.2%.

Five states with the highest test positivity rate (TPR) – percentage of tested people turning out to be positive for Covid-19 infection (by cumulative data for tests and cases – are Goa (18.62%), Maharashtra (15.3%), Dadra & Nagar Haveli-Daman & Diu (14.49%), Kerala (12.83%), and Sikkim (12.03%).

Five states with the highest TPR by daily numbers for tests and cases added – are Kerala (10.85%), Meghalaya (10.02%), Mizoram (10%), Goa (8.6%), and Manipur (8.41%).

Among states and UTs with more than 10 million population, five that have carried out the highest number of tests (per million population) are Delhi (1097967), J&K (687529), Kerala (605640), Karnataka (477346), and Uttarakhand (464092).

The five most affected states by total cases are Maharashtra (5944710), Karnataka (2790338), Kerala (2773943), Tamil Nadu (2397864), and Andhra Pradesh (1832902).

Maharashtra, the most affected state overall, has reported 9830 new cases to take its tally to 5944710.

Karnataka, the second-most-affected state, has reported 5983 cases to take its tally to 2790338.

Kerala, the third-most-affected state by total tally, has added 12469 cases to take its tally to 2773943.

Tamil Nadu has added 9118 cases to take its tally to 2397864.

Andhra Pradesh has seen its tally going up by 6151 to 1832902.

Uttar Pradesh has added 275 cases to take its tally to 1703733.

Delhi has added 158 cases to take its tally to 1431868.

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