Brain needs repairs

Brain needs repairs
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Head and body rocking
Doubters are shocking
You are bitter and think you are wise.

Pedantry denies

Everything is an imagination of my eyes.

Perhaps people think my truth is a lie

Those who sit mute with elbow resting on the table and chin on the palm thinking it’s kinda


Sudden electricity goes through parts of my skull or leg
Crushing my spirit is like crushing an egg

From taking unfair advantage of their brains.
It felt that, in spite of all possible pains,
An, to increase all the other pains,
Nothing remains
No individuality remains
Collapsed to the floor, holding the temples
Mum gave a rare kiss on the forehead
Explosion of sudden dizziness swarmed the head
Mum stroked my temples and head
As temples burn holes in the head
The back of the head weighed like lead
Nausea and came her in waves

The tempest building inside has to be braved

At times I drool

Like something stuck inside my throat
Going down slowly stuck in the chest
I crush my medicines with mortar and pestle

To ease the nerve
Mum's soul and never swerve,

My soul, poor story is not a jest
Try uncricking my neck thinking about the pain
Stroke my head and neck to relieve the pain
As I swallow food or liquid
Cough it up because fate is so wicked
Eating semi-solid food coughing my lungs out
Can you tell me without any doubt
Please tell me what ’twas all about, —
Bite my tongue and lips while eating or speaking

No sense in overthinking
Freakin while ain’t speaking
Thinking about sore lips and tongue
Heave a sigh from the lungs

As per dentists advice with anesthetic mouthwash rinsing the mouth
Every time it seemed like poking a bad tooth with your tongue

A little handicap by the ear

Pain inside and behind the ear

Exhibiting unsteadiness of gait, hand tremors, slow muscular movement

In an odd state
I feel sorry for my winding gait

The metallic sound, I didn’t realize exactly what I did hear
As odd sounds pounded and hammered in my ear it aroused fear

Hear odd wheezing sound sometimes which feels like listening to my own breathing.
A life when I take a deep breath instead of stillness my ear seems to ring
I have no control over the hand, I drop fragile things and they break

What do you make?
Hoarse voice and breathy
Walking in a zigzag way suddenly
Right knee feels electricity
Like holding a bare cable at peak intensity
Touching my right thigh makes me fall
What do you think of this afterall




Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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